Torino / Wednesday 6 September 2017
Mikko Franck
Teatro Regio / at 9:00 pm


Some people say that the cold makes emotions more intense. Whatever the case, the creations of these three composers provide extra special thrills. An absolute masterpiece, the Rautavaara concert features lyrical outbursts and thrilling soundscapes, and may represent the composer’s spiritual testament.

Jean Sibelius

Finlandia op. 26

Einojuhani Rautavaara

Concerto per violoncello e orchestra n. 2 “Towards the Horizon”


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Symphony No. 5 in E minor Op. 64

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Stefano Catucci

Assigned seats € 25, € 30

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Torino e Piemonte - 09/06/2017
Torino e Piemonte - 09/06/2017
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