Milano / Wednesday 5 September 2018
Spazio Teatro 89 / at 9:00 pm


Among those composers born at the end of the 17th century, Telemann is the most unpredictable, partially because he was the most prolific and experimented in a host of genres, and partially because he had such an unbridled imagination. His inventions performed here are suspended between Baroque forms and a new sensibility that at the time was making headway on the scene.

George Philipp Telemann

Suite in G major for strings and continuo TWV 55:G10 “Burlesque de Quixotte”

Concerto in G major for viola, strings and continuo TWV 51:G9

Concerto in A major for flute, violin, cello, strings and continuo TWV 53:A2

La Mole Armonica Ensemble of the Rai National Symphony Orchestra

Fiorella Andriani,
transverse flute
Lorenzo Brufatto, Valerio Iaccio, Pietro Bernardin,
Paolo Lambardi, Carola Zosi, Roberto D’Auria violins
Agostino Mattioni, Federico Fabbris violas
Fabio Storino cello
Francesco Platoni double bass
Maurizio Fornero harpsichord

The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Luigi Marzola

In conjunction with
Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai


Admission € 3

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