Teatro Filodrammatici

Via Filodrammatici, 1
M1 Duomo-Cordusio/M3 Montenapoleone
Tram 1, 2,3,12,14, 16, 27,
Bus 61
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Located in the heart of downtown Milano, Teatro Filodrammatici is one of the oldest theaters in the city. Each season it presents a wide range of events, performances, concerts and art exhibitions – with the goal of creating continuous links among the various languages and expressions of art. Famous personages, emerging talent and the theater’s latest productions may be seen on its stage. The beating heart of the Teatro Filodrammatici season is the focus on contemporary theater and the exploration of classic theater in a contemporary key, as instruments for examining and understanding themes that haunt the present.

Scheduled events


Musiche di Steve Reich, Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Barber e George Gershwin


Arcis Saxophon Quartett

Assigned seating € 5


Musiche di Prenkë Jakova / Paolo Marzocchi, Antun Tomislav Šaban, Bohuslav Martinů, Béla Bartók


Danusha Waskiewicz, viola
Andrea Rebaudengo, pianoforte

Assigned seating € 5