Chiesa di San Marco

Piazza San Marco, 2
M2 Lanza / M3 Montenapoleone, Turati
Tram 1, 2, 4, 12, 14 / Bus 43, 61, 94
BikeMi 57: Brera / 70: Fatebenefratelli
The church was founded outside the city walls in 1254 by Brother Lanfranco Settala, general prior of the Order of St. Augustine. A decisive development occurred in 1600s when the church underwent a Baroque-style restructuring, which camouflaged older architectonics. Following various transformations, the facade retains its Gothic portal. The basilica features an immense interior (96 meters long), laid out in a Latin cross pattern, with three naves divided by pilars, and an overall Baroque appearance. The right transept is a sanctuary of Medieval Milan. The history of St. Mark’s is rife with the celebrated names of the past. For example, Mozart, as a child prodigy, once spent three months in the cathedral’s canonical annex; Giovanni Battista Sammartini, inventor of the symphony, also resided there during the 1700s; and on May 22, 1874 Giuseppe Verdi personally conducted his sublime Requiem in memory of Italian author Alessandro Manzoni.

Scheduled events


Joby Talbot
Path of Miracles

Nigel Short
, direttore

Seating € 10


Antonio Vivaldi
Allegro dal Concerto in sol minore RV 157
Gloria RV 588
Credo RV 591
Magnificat RV 610
In exitu Israel RV 604, salmo


Orchestra Barocca Modo Antiquo

Federico Maria Sardelli, direttore


Coro Ricercare Ensemble

Romano Adami, maestro del coro

Anna Simboli, Elena Bertuzzi, soprani

Elena Biscuola, contralto


Celebra Don Luigi Garbini

Free admission