Yussuf Joe Legwabe

Joe grew up in Soweto, having absorbed one of the worst moments of the apartheid, which as for many other African artists made him extremely connected and proud of his roots. Coming from a family related both to music and to shamanism, Joe had absorbed strongly these influences but at the same time didn’t close him to dialogue and collaboration with other cultures and musical worlds. His collaboration with Ladysmith Black Mombazo and with Master Drummers of Africa was his ticket out of South Africa, where he became a very active musician, now based in London, UK. Today he is considered as one of the leading performers of Southern African music in the world. He is a phenomenal all round musician, playing around 25 different percussion instruments and has an extraordinary vocal range of four and a half octaves. He toured the world with Ipi Ntombi, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo and has also worked extensively with Hugh Masekela. In the 1980s he worked with George Fenton on the film score Cry Freedom. Joe was a percussionist and dancer with Paul Young and Yazz,l and a soloist in Master drummers of Africa. In the international music scene, Joe had collaborated with Lester Bowie & The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, The Temple Of Sound, Paul Young, Philip Bent e others. He Collaborates with Peter Gabriel’s Real-World records, and performs extensively all around the globe.