Milano / Saturday 21 September 2013
Miguel Angel Zotto, Daiana Guspero
Miguel Angel Zotto, Daiana Guspero

East End Studios - Studio Novanta / at 10:00 PM

Los MITOs del tango y mas Closing party

Hyperion Ensemble

Juan José Mosalini, bandoneón

Miguel Angel Zotto, dancer

Daiana Guspero, dancer

Gabriel Ponce, dancer

Analia Morales, dancer

Claudio Garcés, voice

Paolo Scarpelli, speaker

Punto y Branca, musicalizador

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In conjunction with
Zotto Tango Academy

Thanks to Kartell
standing seats € 15
Sensual and biting, magic and melancholy: the tango. MITO SettembreMusica 2013 closes with a huge Argentine Milonga, swathed in scarlet and rife with passion. Moments of pure entertainment are juxtaposed with a Milonga led by couples of expert tango dancers, for audience participation late into the night, as dancers reach ever higher levels of body-to-body communication. Buy your ticket also on: Mailticket BookingShow