Milano / Sunday 18 September 2016


Stefano Gervasoni is a curious composer. For this project he transcribed several recordings by Amalia Rodrigues, added new sounds and electronics, and brought one of contemporary fado’s greatest voices, Cristina Branco, on board. While the notes have not changed, we’ll be hearing seemingly all-new pieces that sparkle with a touch of magic.

Stefano Gervasoni

Fado errático

Prima esecuzione italiana

Eduardo Leandro, conductor

Thomas Goepfer, Carlo Laurenzi, Benoit Meudic, IT staff
Benoit Meudic, director of IT
Sylvain Cadars, sound engineer
Julien Pittet, assistant sound engineer

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Gaia Varon

Il concerto sarà preceduto da una breve introduzione guidata a cura della Delegazione FAI Milano.


In conjunction with
Divertimento Ensemble,
Ensemble Sentieri selvaggi,
mdi ensemble,


Assigned seating € 10

Flip through the programme note:

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