Milano / Sunday 18 September 2011

MTM Teatro Leonardo / at 05:00 PM

Cuoche alla riscossa!

A one-act chamber opera

Sandro Tognatti, clarinet

Margherita Monnet, cello

Davide Spriano, ukulele

Luigi Orfeo, actors

Giorgio Spriano, music and lyrics

Enrica Campi

Massimo Voghera, scenes

Carlo Lo Presti, guitar

Roberta Faroldi, director

For children and kids ages 5 and up.
assigned seating € 5
Food as a metaphor of life and spirit: feed man with pettiness and you get an angry, selfish populace; open the doors to the joy of the palate and you get a smile. A romping musical comedy that involve in this gastronomic querelle.