Torino / Monday 16 September 2019
Gli archi di OFT
Gli archi di OFT

Chiesa di Santa Maria Goretti / at 09:00 PM


The wide, open spaces of Scandinavia. The cold. The white light. And lest we forget, the energy of spring, the inspiration of folk songs, and the pleasure of moving the body. These are the ingredients of a concert that, like a compass, points North.

Edvard Grieg Due arie norvegesi op. 63 Dag Wiren Serenata per archi op. 11 Jean Sibelius Suite campestre op. 98b Erik Nordgren Pelimannimuotokuvia op. 26 Rolf Martinsson Rondo ITALIAN PREMIERE
In conjunction with
The Torino Philharmonic Orchestra

Free Admission