Torino / Sunday 15 September 2013
Le mie prime Quattro Stagioni (ph. Viterbo fotocine)
Le mie prime Quattro Stagioni (ph. Viterbo fotocine)

Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani / at 03:30 PM

My First Four Seasons

Based on Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Book by Marisol Rozo

Ara Malikian Ensemble

Ara Malikian,
Michaela Bilikova Bozzato, violins
Andrea Maini, viola
Paolo Baldani, cello
Tony Contartese, actor

Ages 3 and up
In conjunction with
Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi
e Giovani onlus
Assigned seatting € 5
In this performance, sonnets composed by Vivaldi are recited and acted out as a prelude to each movement, with reference to situations, natural phenomena, animals, people, moods and rituals that give shape to the music and add a theatrical aspect to the concert.