Torino / Monday 11 September 2017
Tempio Valdese / at 5:00 pm


Four American panoramas, one after the other. There’s Gershwin’s jazz; Villa-Lobos and the Brazilian tradition; Dvořák illuminated by contact with the New World; and Virginia Guastella’s American Dream, which she created especially for MITO SettembreMusica.

George Gershwin

Lullaby per quartetto d’archi

Heitor Villa-Lobos

Quartetto n. 5

Virginia Guastella

Anatomy of an American dream

Commissione di
MITO SettembreMusica

Antonín Dvořák

Quartetto in fa maggiore op. 96 “Americano”

Novus Quartet

Jaeyoung Kim,
Young-Uk Kim, violins
Seungwon Lee, viola
Woongwhee Moon, cello

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Nicola Campogrande

Assigned seats € 5

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