Torino / Sunday 8 September 2019
CelloOctet ph. Sjoerd Derine
CelloOctet ph. Sjoerd Derine

Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani / at 06:00 PM


Have you ever heard of the eight warrior cellists? Mighty they are, yet agile with a light touch. Armed with just their instruments, they’re poised to take on any challenge that comes their way. With a few laughs and a dance step or two, their music resounds as they forge ahead into battle.    

György Ligeti Musica Ricercata coreografie di Jochem Stavenuiter Béla Bartók Danze popolari rumene coreografie di Josephine van Rheenen Philip Glass Dracula coreografie di Pim Veulings

Jochem Stavenuiter, conductor

Sanne Oostervink, scenographer

Tim van’t Hof, lights design

Artistic Directors 

Caecilia Thunnissen 

Sanne Bijker

In conjunction with
Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Assigned Seating €5

For children ages 6 and up
Running Time: 55 minutes


Produced by
Oorkaan / Cello Octet Amsterdam