Torino / Tuesday 4 September 2018


Brahms sets his violin and piano dancing round the horn, the Romantic instrument par excellence. A young Ralph Vaughan explicitly takes his cue from him, with a quintet that was forgotten for an entire century, but which has made its reappearance in concert halls in recent years.

Johannes Brahms

Trio in E-flat major for violin, horn and piano Op. 40

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Quintet in D major for clarinet, horn, violin, cello and piano

Camerata RCO - Musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Davide Lattuada, clarinet
Hervé Joulain, horn
Annebeth Webb, violin
Laure Le Dantec, cello
Alissa Firsova, piano


Assigned seating € 5

Flip through the programme note:

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