Rafael Anton Irisarri

Rafael Anton Irisarri is a 21st century American composer and electronic music producer associated with the post-classical and ambient genres based in Seattle, Washington. His music is a dual perspective close-up focus on the micro textures of rustling static-filled sonic surfaces with the wide-open distant tree lined horizons of sunset at dusk. Submerged piano melodies, reverberating guitar tonalities and electronic punctuation all contribute as the converging elements in Irisarri's music, but it's his hand at electro-acoustic composition that offers the listener the often breathtaking vantage into this sonic world. The combined effect is one of time passing in introspection, remembrances of landscapes and the nature of our relationship with things past as we move toward those yet to come. Plaintively yearning, his music never resigns itself to the stoicism of the melancholic, but is asking, moving, and drawing us into a state of hearing, seeing and recognizing the scale, scope and richness of the natural world and ourselves in the everyday. Irisarri's music draws as much on modern genre progenitors like Brian Eno, Robin Guthrie and My Bloody Valentine as it does from the more historic traditions in neo-classicism from Erik Satie and Olivier Messiaen. It's this intersection of sounds, both traditional and modernly avant, that make for the balancing act that can be described as something beyond just 'ambient' or 'cinematic' in his music; it brings the listener to a state somewhere between emotionally entranced and psychologically adrift. After releasing on a variety of European and American labels, and appearing on various compilations throughout the early 2000's demo-scene, Norwegian label Miasmah released his debut album Daydreaming in 2007. Originally scheduled for release on the legendary Mille Plateaux label (before the label was cancelled forever), it was immediately received with much critical praise, not only from the press but also fellow artists and colleagues. Later that year, Irisarri was selected to be one of the acts to perform at the inaugural activities for the new Uppsala Konsert Och Kongress hall in the Swedish city of Uppsala. A European tour followed both in 2007 & 2008, with performances at several European music festivals, including Unsound Festival (PL), EME Festival (PT), S.O.Y. Festival (FR), Time-zones Festival (IT), Audiodigitale (DE), and Storung (ES). Currently, Irisarri is working on a collaborative project with Simon Scott (ex-member of Slowdive) and preparing for another European tour this Summer. Aside from creating his own music, Irisarri serves as Strategic Development Director for Seattle's Decibel Festival.