Milano / Wednesday 8 September 2010

Play your Phone!

Interactive performance-concert for performers and pubblic

Chris Chafe

Siren Cloud, for piano, electric guitar and public

Robert Hamilton

Tale-Harmonium, for piano and virtual performers

Jieun Oh, Robert Hamilton

Dichotomous Harmonies, for analogical and synthesized trombones

Juan-Pablo Caceres

Perkussionista, for piano, virtual percussions and disklavier

Luke Dahl, Jorge Herrera, Carr Wilkerson, Robert Hamilton

Tweet, for public, Twitter and iPad controllers

Robert Hamilton, guitar, electronics
Luke Dahl,
Jorge Herrera, electronics

MITO Festival Production Director: Andrea Minetto

For the Twitter piece, any phone with a Twitter client can be used by the audience, as long as they can write and send Tweets.


The new production of MITO Festival in collaboration with Stanford University goes beyond and transforms habits: not just a concert but a new listening experience in which the public participates physically and conceptually to the creation of music. The barriers between musicians and listeners fall down and the roles are reversed from song to song within an interactive musical space. A great event that shows all the musical potential of new technologies and revolutionary new tools: iphone, twitter, ipad. It announces the birth of
a new concept of media and a new way to share music.


In collaboration with
Stanford Humanities Lab
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University
Politecnico di Milano
Social media dissemination by 2lifeCast


Free Admission

Flip through the programme note:

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Author: Robert Hamilton
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