Sala 500 - Lingotto

Via Nizza, 280
bus 1,18,35
metro 1 (Lingotto)
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Located in what was once an external courtyard within FIAT’s Il Lingotto auto factory, which was built 1915-21. Here, in the 1990s, architect Renzo Piano designed a miniature copy (capacity: 476) of the Auditorium Giovanni Agnelli. The acoustic design mirrors that in the prestigious Agnelli hall, once again in cherry paneling. Perfect for chamber music performances.

Scheduled events

PARIGI 1913 La Scène Révoltée

Musiche di Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky

Ufuk e Bahar Dördüncü, ideazione e pianoforti
Fabrice Aragno, film e proiezioni live

Assigned seating € 15