Torino: Exhibitions in September

Notre-Dame de Paris 
Gothic sculpture from the grand cathedral

Palazzo Madama / Through September 30
An innovative multimedia exhibition that puts the spotlight on four gothic head sculptures from the world-famous Notre-Dame de Paris depicting an angel, one of the New Testament’s wise men, a bearded man, and an unidentified woman who figures in an allegory promoting virtue. The captivating audio-visual presentation recreates the ideal architectonic-environmental backdrop for the sculptures.
This exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to explore the nuances of the extraordinary gothic sculptures of Notre-Dame, while providing insight into the history of this grand cathedral, which stretches from the Middle Ages to the ravages of the French Revolution and the subsequent restoration led by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc in the mid-1800s. Plus an overview of the multitude of iconographic and stylistic designs featured in the cathedral’s portals.

Invisible archeology

Museo Egizio / Through January 6, 2020
Out of the ordinary. New. Temporary. Visionary. Archeology’s digital revolution. An itinerary made up of fragments of cloth. One-of-a-kind pieces. Mummies without their wrappings – virtually, that is. Insight into what lies behind your typical archeological find.
Archeometry – the set of techniques used to study materials, production methods, and the history of conservation of finds – makes it possible for people to interrogate objects. And thanks to ever-expanding collaboration with experts in the fields of chemistry, physics and radiology, the wealth of materials pertaining to the collection of the Egyptian Museum continues to reveal a storehouse of never-before accessed information.

Art Nouveau. The triumph of beauty

La Venaria Reale / Through January 26, 2020
Some 200 works on display – posters, paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics – tell the extraordinary story of the barrage of art that changed tastes and overhauled perceptions from the late 1800s to the early years of the 20th century. Art Noveau revolutionized the canons of academia all the way around. Architecture, painting, furniture, sculpture and music were permeated by naturalistic themes. Vegetation and new conceptions of women ruled the roost. Reproductions of Parisian domestic decor of the period add to the innovative contours of this class-act romp.

The legendary Hercules

La Venaria Reale / Through September 29
Here’s Hercules, as depicted by ancient Greek, Roman, Renaissance and Baroque artists. An exquisite display of paintings and objects, some of which are to be seen in Italy for the very first time. Pieces hail from various countries, and bear witness to the iconographic stature of Hercules, a superman revered throughout the ages.