Sofia Kaikov

Sofia Kaikov, daughter of foremost Bukarian singer Barnoj Yizakov, is one of the most extraordinary voices of the extremely rare tradition of Bukarian Jews, a pearl of modal and epical singing. There is a tradition among the Bukharian Jews that they trace their ancestry to the Lost Tribes of Israel. These Jews claim to be descendants of the Issachar, Nephtali, and Ephraim Israelite tribes who never came back from the Babylonian captivity after exile in the 7th century BCE. The Bukharian Jews of Central Asia were essentially cut off from the rest of the Jewish world for more than 2,000 years and somehow managed to survive and preserve their Jewish identity and heritage in the face of countless odds. They are considered one of the oldest ethno-religious groups of Central Asia and over the years they have developed their own distinct culture. Throughout the years, Jews from other Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Morocco migrated into Central Asia (usually by taking the Silk Road), all these joined the Central Asian Jewish community that was later on called the Bukharian Jews. In Central Asia, they survived for centuries, subject to many conquering influences. Sofia is living today in Israel, Tel-Aviv, where she performs mainly within her community.