Fernando Corona (Murcof)

Murcof is a very modern composer, who utilizes technology to make epic, moving suites of music with a spiritual undertow. He draws on minimalism, post-modernism and baroque music to create music that moves the mind and heart. His work draws on his childhood exposure to pre-20th century classical music and his passion for electronic pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream as a teenager, as well as his experiments in noise with his pre-Murcof doom/avant garde outfit, Elohim. He has released 4 critically acclaimed albums and an EP on The Leaf Label. Murcof's international reputation as a staggering live presence has been enhanced recently with a number of special collaborations, including events at Greenwich Planetarium (in collaboration with the Royal Astronomer), Montreaux Jazz Festival (collaboration with Talvin Singh & Erik Truffaz) and L'Auditori at Sonar Festival in Barcelona (with the pianist Francesco Tristano). In 2008 he toured a new work called 'Oceano' in collaboration with classical musicians BCN216 and light sculptor Flicker.