Torino / Thursday 21 September 2017

Teatro Sant'Anna / at 09:00 PM


As the theme for the fourth movement, Schubert used one of his Lieder for voice and piano, The Trout. The quintet, without a doubt one of his masterpieces, would be forever associated with this fishy moniker. Audiences still enjoy the piece’s fishlike darting, wriggling and jumping in a fresh and cool atmosphere that seems new every time you hear it.

Johann Nepomuk Hummel Quintetto in mi bemolle minore op. 87 Franz Schubert Quintetto in la maggiore D. 667“Forellenquintett”

Quintetto di pianoforte e archi

Teatro Regio musicians
Luca Brancaleon, piano
Fation Hoxholli, violin
Enrico Carraro, viola
Amedeo Cicchese, cello
Davide Ghio, double bass

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Carlo Pavese
In conjunction with
Teatro Regio
Free Admission