Il Canto Ambrosiano - Conference

Friday, September 8
9 am
Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milano


The Ambrosian cultural and spiritual heritage is an important legacy, and one of its major contributions was the canto, or song.
Its breadth was equal to that of the Gregorian chants, and once constituted the musical repertoire of the Milanese liturgy. It is the only pre-Gregorian repertoire to have survived to this day.
Over the course of the centuries there were interventions from Europe, the Mediterranean and the East. They culminated in a series of manuscript documents that date back to the 12th century. The canto contains melodies that may be considered some of the oldest examples of Western music.
In recent decades, the canto ambrosiano has attracted the attention of scholars from throughout the world, while in Italy it remains widely an enigma. This conference sheds new light on a stunning piece of cultural heritage, which has inspired so many musicologists and liturgy scholars worldwide. Don’t miss the performances in their natural settings, Latin masses included. World-famous vocal groups await!


Featuring: Laura Albiero, Giacomo Baroffio, Gionata Brusa, Giovanni Conti, Thomas F. Kelly, Claudio Magnoli, Marco Navoni, Angelo Rusconi, Norberto Valli and others to be announced.


Presented by
Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra
MITO SettembreMusica
Associazione Internazionale Studi di Canto Gregoriano Res Musica – Centro ricerca e promozione musicale Cantus Gregoriani Helvetici Cultores


In conjunction with
Biblioteca e Pinacoteca Ambrosiana


With support from
The City of Milano – Department of Culture Fondazione Cariplo


Special Thanks to
The Diocese of Milano

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