Choir day

We’re learning: singing in a choir is good for you! And the number of choirs keeps growing, with hundreds of thousands of people in Italy who rehearse every week and perform in concerts. By doing so they enrich their own lives and those of the people who come to enjoy their music. Once again, MITO SettembreMusica will be dedicating an entire day to the pleasures of group singing. We hope this initiative becomes a long-lasting tradition. The day features 18 choirs (from Italy and elsewhere) performing in 10 concerts, and culminates that evening when the choirs unite and are joined by all who wish to sing along.

Torino, Saturday, September 9
Milano, Sunday, September 10


The organization of Choir Day was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the FENIARCO (Italian Federation of Regional Choral Associations), to which we express our gratitude.

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