Torino / Monday 20 September 2021

Tempio Valdese / at 05:00 PM


Seventeenth-century composers commonly borrowed from secular music to create sacred music for use in various church ceremonies. Apart from expediency, this may have been a way of getting parishioners more involved. In this mass, Frescobaldi did so in masterly fashion. His eight-voice counterpoint continues to amaze us.

Girolamo Frescobaldi Messa sopra l’aria della Monica

Voces Suaves

Christina Boner, Carmit Natan, sopranos
Jan Thomer, Enrico Torre, controtenors
Florian Cramer, Dan Dunkelblum, tenors
Tobias Wicky, Davide Benetti, basses

Maria Ferré Perez, theorbo

Soma Salat-Zakariás, violone

Gilberto Scordari, organ

Michele Vannelli, conductor and percussion cymbal

General Admission €5

Download the libretto

by Alessio Tonietti