Torino / Wednesday 20 September 2017
Sergio Lamberto


They may be easy to evoke with a large orchestra, but with chamber ensembles storms are a test of virtuosity for composers and musicians. As we see in this tempestuous concert.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Quintet No. 3 in G minor for strings K. 516

Ludwig van Beethoven

Quintet in C major for strings Op. 29 “Storm”

String Quintet of the Torino Philharmonic Orchestra

Sergio Lamberto,
Elisabetta Fornaresio, violins
Francesco Vernero,
Monica Spatari, violas
Alfredo Giarbella, cello

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Carlo Pavese

In conjunction with
Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino


Free Admission

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