Milano / Monday 18 September 2017
Juan Pérez Floristán (c) Antonio del Junco
Juan Pérez Floristán (c) Antonio del Junco

MTM Teatro Litta / at 05:00 PM


Young Juan Pérez Floristán plays a game of mirrors with imagery that inspired a poet (Petrarch) and a painter (Viktor Hartmann), who in turn became sources of inspiration for Liszt and Mussorgsky. In between there’s the wondrous vagueness of Debussy, who flirts with his titles but gives sound only to his emotions.

Modest Musorgskij Quadri di un’esposizione Claude Debussy Ce qu’a vu le vent d’ouest, da Préludes, libro I Ondine, da Préludes, libro II La fille aux cheveux de lin, da Préludes, libro I Des pas sur la neige, da Préludes, libro I La puerta del Vino, da Préludes, libro II Franz Liszt Sonetto n. 104 del Petrarca, da Années de pèlerinage Il pensieroso, da Années de pèlerinage Sposalizio, da Années de pèlerinage
The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Gaia Varon
Assigned seats € 5