Torino / Tuesday 17 September 2019

Palazzo Nuovo - Auditorium Guido Quazza / at 06:00 PM


The 2019 edition of MITO SettembreMusica brings to a successful completion an ambitious project that saw the archiving of materials produced since 1978, all of which are now available online. Byterfly is the name of the open-source platform that hosts the archive. It is a system of cataloging based on metadata, created in conjunction with the IRCrES-CNR Library and IT Office, in Torino. Participants in the project include: The Historical Archives of the City of Torino, the National Museum of Cinema, the Rai Archives, the Cinema d’Impresa Archives, the University of Torino. MITO Open Access is divided into easy-to-consult sections that provide speedy, hassle-free access to decades’ worth of content from the original SettembreMusica Festival and its scion MITO SettembreMusica: programs, libretti, photos, and much, much more. A multimedia experience for each year of Torino’s grandest music festival, 1978-2018. 
The presentation features a demonstration of the platform’s immersive reality, a step-by-step guide to user-friendly access to precious historical content that’s hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.    

Free Admission 

Francesca Leon
Nicola Campogrande
Enzo Restagno
Andrea Malvano