Milano / Monday 17 September 2018

Teatro Franco Parenti, Sala AcomeA / at 09:00 PM


A playlist of scores that unleash boundless energy through repetition and relentless grooves. In the midst of which we take a breather thanks to one of the great all-time Adagios.

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in re minore per archi RV 127 John Adams Shaking and Trembling Aaron Copland Hoe-Down da Rodeo Samuel Barber Adagio op. 11 Karel Komzák Perpetuum mobile Leo Hurley Jump Peter Warlock Capriol Suite Béla Bartók Danze popolari rumene
The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Luigi Marzola
In conjunction with
Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino
Assigned seating € 3