Torino / Monday 17 September 2018

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi / at 09:00 PM


Throughout the 1700s, Gypsy ensembles were very active along the eastern borders of Europe. With the recovery of rare manuscripts in Hungary, Poland and Transylvania, and with the help of musicians involved in the study of nomadic culture, the performers in this program serve up pieces for a playful set that also touches upon works by great composers of the period for an all-new concert experience.

Il Suonar Parlante Orchestra

Graciela Gibelli, voice
Marcel Comendant, cymbalon
Stanislav Palúch,
Alessandro Tampieri,
Nicolaš Penel, violins
Laurent Galliano, viola
Marco Testori, cello
Riccardo Coelati, double bass
Shalev Ad-El, cembalo

Vittorio Ghielmi, viola da gamba and conductor

Assigned seating € 15