Torino / Sunday 17 September 2017

A musical fable based on Monteverdi’s Orfeo

A wedding reception. The announcement of the death of Eurydice. Orpheus’s journey to the underworld. An unexpected finale. This all-new, production of Monteverdi’s Orfeo has been especially revamped for children.

Dario Moretti, libretto, diretor, live painting and visual effects
Francesco Moi, conductor and harpsichord
Giuseppe Semeraro, narrator

Produced by Teatro all’improvviso
Co-produced by
Festival della Letteratura di Mantova


In conjunction with
Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani


For children ages 6 and up
Running time: 50 minutes
Assigned seats € 5

Flip through the programme note:

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Torino e Piemonte - 09/17/2017
Torino e Piemonte - 09/17/2017
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