Torino / Saturday 16 September 2017
Teatro Carignano / at 9:00 pm


Since 1987 the Danza&Danza Awards have been assigned by the critics of Danza&Danza, the famed Italian dance magazine founded in Milano in 1986.
This year’s awards ceremony will be a part of the Torinodanza Festival, after having been held in Italy’s most prestigious theaters. The categories – classical and contemporary production, dancers, choreographers, new talent – provide a glimpse of Italy’s best, including Italian artists abroad. There’s also the Mario Pasi Award, in honor of the critic who wrote for Corriere della Sera and was on the editorial board of Danza&Danza, as well as the first president of the jury; and the International Career Award for significant contributions made to the world of theater and dance. The Gala event, with its performance structure, is a tribute to the talent and skill of the many artists on hand for an evening that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.


Assigned seating € 20
Reduced price € 17
Under 35 € 12

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