Torino / Saturday 16 September 2017
Teatro Gobetti / at 7:00 pm


How can energy be transformed? How do we imagine the borderline between what is clear and comprehensible, and that which is dark and mysterious? How can movement explore this borderline? In VON Daniele Albanese investigates the transformation of energy and its metamorphosis, including various scenic disciplines, such as lighting, choreographic writing and direction design, but with special attention to the music.

Compagnia Stalker / Daniele Albanese
Daniele Albanese, Concept and Realization
Daniele Albanese, dance
Marta Ciappina, dance
Giulio Petrucci, dance

Original Music
Lorenzo Donadei, Luca Nasciuti
(final solo)


Co-produced by Torinodanza festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino -
Teatro Nazionale CDC - Les Hivernales
Halles de Schaerbeek
Con il sostegno di Garage 29
Associazione Stalk
Progetto sostenuto da CollaborAction #3 -azione Network
Anticorpi XL


Assigned seating € 20
Reduced price € 17
Under 35 € 12

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