Milano / Wednesday 16 September 2015
Teatro Out Off / at 9:30 pm

Voci dello Spirito

Il Suono nelle comunità religiose di Milano
Cantillation of the Coran and ceremony of zikr of Halvetî-Jerrahî dervishes


Muhannad al-Gilânî
coranical cantillator (hâfız) on behalf of all islamic communities in Milan

Concert of repertoires from
sufi Ottoman-Turkish tradition
performed by

Fakhraddin Gafarov
short-necked ‘ûd lute
Marco Schiavini, ney flute
Marco Ponta, guitar
Stefano D’Aloia, daf framed drum

Zikr (“memory, repetition, recollection”) ceremony
of Milano's halvetî jerrâhî dervishes
Mohsen Mouelhi
sheykh (“maestro”)
Fakhraddin Gafarov
zikır bașı (“zikr conductor”)

Qur’an (“Koran”) literally means “recitation” and indicates a corpus revealed orally/aurally by the archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. Thus the fundamental importance assumed over time by the oral transmission of the Qur’an, entrusted to specialists known as hâfız (“preserver”) who knew the texts by heart; as well as the value Sufism places on listening (samâ‘) and the power of the name of Allah, which is recalled and repeated on countless occasions. Just as in the zikr of Milano’s halvetî jerrâhî dervishes.


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Milano e Lombardia - 09/16/2015

Voci dello Spirito
Il Suono nelle comunità religiose di Milano
Cantillazione del Corano e cerimonia di zikr dei dervisci Halvetî-Jerrahî

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