Torino / Sunday 15 September 2019
ph. Road Izumiyama
ph. Road Izumiyama

Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani / at 06:00 PM


Two Japanese musicians and an Italian artist take us on a journey of sound and sight to cities around the world. A stimulating performance brimming with charm, that majestically blends music and imagery. A children’s show that adults will love too.  
Conception and set paintings by director Dario Moretti
Music by
Makoto Nomura and Kumiko Yabu

Produced by
Teatro all’improvviso (Italy)
Kinosaki International 
Arts Center – Toyooka (Japan)

In conjunction with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Assigned Seating €5

For children ages 3 and up
Running Time: 40 minutes