Magnano (BI) / Sunday 15 September 2019
Claudio Chiavazza ph. Adriana Viganò
Claudio Chiavazza ph. Adriana Viganò

Monastero di Bose / at 04:00 PM


After moving to Spain, Domenico Scarlatti’s compositions included not only his celebrated sonatas for harpsichord, but this mass in severe Renaissance style as well. Here it is performed alongside four motets by his father, Alessandro Scarlatti.

Domenico Scarlatti Missa quatuor vocum
“Messa di Madrid”
Alessandro Scarlatti Quattro mottetti
Ad te Domine levavi
Exaltabo te, Domine
Domine in auxilium meum
Ad Dominum cum tribularer
Domenico Scarlatti Laetatus sum, salmo 121
In conjunction with the Monastic Community of Bose

Free Admission