Torino / Friday 15 September 2017
Tempio Valdese / at 5:00 pm


An incredible duo – the first double bass soloist of the Wiener Philharmoniker, along with a cellist from the Berliner Philharmoniker – explores the deepest regions of music. Even those who think they’ve heard it all will be amazed.

Georg Friedrich Händel, Johan Halvorsen


Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Sonata in G major*

Pablo Casals

El cant dels occells*

Edgar Meyer



Pacsirta, the Lark*

Luigi Boccherini


Alfred Schnittke

Inno II

Ödön Racz, double bass
Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Stefano Catucci

*transcriptions by Stephan Koncz


Assigned seats € 5

Flip through the programme note:

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