Torino / Saturday 14 September 2013
Elektronische Staubband
Elektronische Staubband

Teatro Colosseo / at 10:00 PM

Elektronische Staubband

Yann Tiersen

Lionel Laquerrière

Thomas Poli

In conjunction with Musica90
Assigned seating, € 10
Yann Tiersen, the celebrated French composer and multi-instrumentalist, along with band member from i0logic Lionel Laquerrière, has been silently working away on a parallel project: Elektronische Staubband. In the meantime, Thomas Poli (Dominique A) has joined the original duo. Immersed in a garden of synths, keyboards and electronic musical toys, Elektronische Staubband serves up electronic transmutations of tracks from Dust Lane, Tiersen’s latest album, as well as unreleased material to be featured in an upcoming production. Inspired by classic electronic bands like Kraftwerk, NEU! and Can, the trio’s radical, experimental sound is an all-new, enthralling incarnation of Tiersen’s work, within an imposing and original electronic framework that’s completely analogical.