Torino / Wednesday 13 September 2017
Giampaolo Pretto


Grieg’s Concerto is one of the hottest pieces to come out of Romanticism. And when played by Gabriela Montero, it’s blazing. Add Prometheus robbing fire from the Olympians and Stravinsky’s Firebird, and this promises to be a very hot concert.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Le creature di Prometeo, ouverture

Edvard Grieg

Concerto in la minore per pianoforte e orchestra op. 16

Igor Stravinsky

L’oiseau de feu, seconda suite

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Stefano Catucci

In conjunction with
Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino


Assigned seats € 15

Flip through the programme note:

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