Torino / Wednesday 13 September 2017
Arturo Mariotti
Teatro Vittoria / at 5:00 pm


Anyone who is not familiar with the variety of tones and sounds that a guitar is capable of is invited to take advantage of this concert. A very young and extraordinarily talented musician plays an amazing array, as multi-colored as a rainbow.

Roland Dyens

Libra Sonatine (terzo tempo)

Francis Poulenc


Harold Arlen, Toru Takemitsu

Over the rainbow

Alberto Ginastera

Sonata op. 47

Leo Brouwer

Danza del altiplano

Carlo Boccadoro


Johann Kaspar Mertz

Over the rainbow

Cole Porter, Roland Dyens

Night in Tunisia

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Stefano Catucci

Assigned seats € 5

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