Torino / Tuesday 12 September 2017


The string quartet genre is best suited to chiseling work. Within coded structures – a trunk, branches – a composers have always dedicated themselves to winding digressions, exchanges, and slight mutations in an ongoing and wonderful rustling of leaves. It happens in this concert.

Antonín Dvořák

I cipressi, nn. 2, 3, 11

Franz Joseph Haydn

Quartetto in sol maggiore Hob. III:81

Maurice Ravel

Quartet in F major

Quartetto Noûs

Tiziano Baviera,
Alberto Franchin, violins
Sara Dambruoso, viola
Tommaso Tesini, cello

Il concerto è preceduto da una breve introduzione di Stefano Catucci

Free admission

Flip through the programme note:

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Torino e Piemonte - 09/12/2017
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