Torino / Sunday 10 September 2017


A solitary pigeon in search of friends flies over jungles, oceans and deserts in a whirlwind of extraordinary adventures. Along the way, he meets up with lots of curious creatures, all brought to life by an ensemble featuring 8 cellos.

Cello8ctet Amsterdam

Claire Bleumer, Karel Bredenhorst,
Lieselot Watté, Rares Mihailescu,
Marcus van den Munckhof, Sanne Bijker,
Simon Velthuis, Stephan Heber

Dagmar Slagmolen, ideazione e direzione
Dieuweke van Reij, costumes and scenes
Desirèe van Gelderen, lights

Produzione Oorkaan
in coproduzione con
Cello8ctet Amsterdam


In collaborazione con
Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani


A partire dai 5 anni
Durata 50'
Posto unico numerato € 5

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