Torino / Monday 10 September 2012
Eliana Grasso
Eliana Grasso

Piccolo Regio Giacomo Puccini / at 05:00 PM

20th-Century Voices

Gilberto Bosco Per pianoforte Sylvano Bussotti 111 tocchi a Stefano Musica per amici Azio Corghi Chansons d’élite Giacomo Manzoni Klavieralbum Ennio Morricone Studio n. 3 Rag in frantumi

Eliana Grasso, piano

Featuring video interviews of the composers
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The aim of 20th-Century Voices is to conjure up the musical atmospheres of the past century. Video interviews of five Italian composers follow their compositions, a flashback to the mood in the schools for composition, theaters and conservatories of the 1900s. A stroll through time as we discover how much the world of music has changed over the past fifty years, accompanied by people who not only saw it change, but who lived through it and influenced it. __________________________ Interviews produced by Banca della Memoria