Torino / Sunday 9 September 2018


Tomás Luis de Victoria

Regina caeli

Healey Willian

How they so softly rest

Paul Mealor

She walks in beauty

John Tavener

Song for Athene

Ko Matsushita

Tenebrae factae sunt

Robert Lucas de Pearsall

Lay a garland

Giovanni Gabrieli

Jubilate Deo, omnis terra

Lojze Lebič

Fčelica zleteila

Hans Leo Hassler

Tanzen und Springen

Franz Schubert

Der Tanz D. 826

Daniel Elder


Clarissa Jacobs

Sing on! Dance on!

arrangiamento di C. Aspaas

Dario Tabbia, conductor
Giuseppe Loprete, piano

free admission

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Torino e Piemonte - 09/09/2018
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