Milano / Sunday 8 September 2019
Ensemble La Rose di Piovene Rocchette
Ensemble La Rose di Piovene Rocchette
Jose Borgo
Jose Borgo

Chiesa di Santa Maria alla Fontana / at 04:00 PM


We keep realizing that singing in chorus is good for you! The number of active choirs continues to grow. In Italy alone, hundreds of thousands of people get together to rehearse each week and perform in concerts, enriching their own and others’ lives in the process. Once again, MITO dedicates an entire day to the pleasure of singing together, with performances by 10 choral groups from Italy and abroad in 10 spectacular concerts.

Albert Alcaraz Prière Giovanni Bonato Drai brauen Knut Nystedt Mary's song Norio Suzuki Benedictus dalla Messa Mother Theresa, ai no Kotoba Bob Chilcott Agnus Dei, da A little jazz mass Michelle Roueche Lux aeterna Manolo Da Rold Regina coeli Eva Ugalde Ave maris stella Rihards Dubra Salve Mater Miklós Kocsár Sub tuum praesidium Joan Szymko Nada te turbe Simon Wawer Abendliedchen Nils Lindberg Shall I compare thee Claude Debussy Beau soir arrangiamento di Linda Spevacek

Jose Borgo, conductor

Massimo Zulpo, piano

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Free admission