Milano / Thursday 6 September 2018
Trio Boccherini
Trio Boccherini

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato / at 05:00 PM


The feast in question is Babette’s, which is evoked by the soundtrack of the Oscar-winning Danish film. The three minuets included in the program meld superbly with the pastoral from the film. Luigi Boccherini’s is somewhat of an appetizer, an invitation to dance. Schubert’s piece expands with a sense of longing, conjuring up a sumptuous roast. For the finale, the minuet by Beethoven proves to be a surprisingly delicious dessert, crammed with jolts, pauses and syncopation which, at this point in the meal, make any manner of dancing unthinkable.

Per Nørgård Pastoraledalla colonna sonora per il film Il pranzo di Babette Luigi Boccherini Trio in fa maggiore op. 14 n. 1 G. 95 Franz Schubert Trio in si bemolle maggiore D. 581 Ludwig van Beethoven Trio in re maggiore op. 9 n. 2

Trio Boccherini

Suyeon Kang, violin
Vicki Powell, viola
Paolo Bonomini, cello

The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Gaia Varon
Assigned seating € 5