Torino / Saturday 6 September 2014
Canzoncine alte così
Canzoncine alte così

Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani / at 03:30 PM

Songs This Tall

Performance for one actor and eight mechanical puppets

Silvano Antonelli, voice

Laura Righi, helping out of stage
Sasha Cavalli, lights and sounds
Pietro Paolo Marino
musical arrangements
Ettore Cimpincio
musical consulting
Giò Gobbi e Italian Display
mechanical puppets

Produzione Compagnia Teatrale Stilema
In conjunction with
Fondazione Teatro
Ragazzi e Giovani
Assigned seating € 5
For going on thirty years Silvano Antonelli has brought play-theater to children. His songs are about children, each one recounts a piece of the world of childhood. One tune got caught on a locker handle at kindergarten, one was found floating in a dish of soup, one slept inside a pillow, one slept in a math exercise. Antonelli is backed up by a toy band: a teddy bear on drums, a snake on flute, a clown on the piano, two stuffed bunnies playing sax, a piglet on cello, an elephant on the tuba, plus a chorus made up of three dinosaurs and a hand-clapping frog. ___________________ For children ages 3 and up.