Milano / Wednesday 4 September 2019
Andrea Buccarella ph. Daniele Caminiti
Andrea Buccarella ph. Daniele Caminiti

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato / at 05:00 PM


An imaginative young ensemble stakes its claim to Bach territory by way of some unusual routes. All-new, thoroughly moving renditions that open up never-before trodden pathways to possible soundscapes for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Johann Sebastian Bach Sonata in re minore da BWV 527  trascrizione del Caleidoscopio Ensemble Sonata in re minore da BWV 1001 trascrizione del Caleidoscopio Ensemble Sonata in la maggiore BWV 1015 Sonata in mi minore BWV 1023 Suite in sol minore da BWV 997 trascrizione del Caleidoscopio Ensemble

Il Caleidoscopio Ensemble

Lathika Vithanage, violin
Noelia Reverte Reche,
viola da gamba
Flora Papadopoulos, harp
Andrea Buccarella, harpsichord and organ

The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Gaia Varon

Assigned seating € 5