REKA: Share your voice with art!

/ 4 July 2014
REKA, the new show of Yuval Avital commissioned by Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music and co-produced by MITO SettembreMusica, can be considered as a big vocal fresco composed by whispers, shouts, chants and prayers interpreted by 6 extraordinary traditional chanters and by a crowd of hundred non –musicians. REKA will be presented in global preview on the 16th of September 2014 at festival MITO SettembreMusica and on the 24th of September at the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music. Do you want to be part of the crowd? Your voice will be both a connection and a source to create art together, independently from your knowledge about music, your age and your origin. The open call is addressed to everyone and no experience or musical preparation is required, as a graphic and instinctive score will suggest immediate auditory images. To join REKA write to and next you will receive the program of the rehearsals. The material is available also on the online page dedicated to the event on our site. The tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in Expo Gate and online on the VivaTicket, Mailticket e TicketOne

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