African Day

/ 13 September 2011
The appointment with African music comes back with MITO. A real journey through the black continent: from Congo, the beating heart of the country, to the Middle-Western coast, Mali and Senegal, till the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria and Morocco, to finally land in Paris, a meeting point between Europe and Africa. The Orchestra National de Barbès, explains the choice of his name as follow: “Because Barbès is a part of Africa scattered at Sacrée Coeur’s feet. You can find cous cous and chicken, smoky bars and satellite dishes”. Wednesday, September 14th, at Teatro Manzoni there will be three concerts: at 4 p.m. the versatile congolese musician Lokua Kanza with the show Nkolo will entertain the audience with guitar, bass, and percussion. At 6.30 p.m. Boubacar Traoré accompanied by guitar, calebassa and mouth-organ, will give a voice in music to his origins from Western Mali. At the end of the evening at 9 p.m., the Orchestra National de Barbès, composed by 12 elements with an unsettled structure, will involve the audience in a frantic music mix, that goes from the tradition of Gnawa till jazz, passing by raï and rap. This last concert will be showed live streaming on this website. Discount African day: 3 concerts at 23 €. Buy here your ticket online!
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