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MILANO - July 27th, 2015

From Monday 11th to Sunday 16th of august MITO Box office in Expo Gate is close for a short summer break.

The tickets are always available for purchase online on VivaTicket, Mailticket and TicketOne.
Carnet and Passes are available on Vivaticket.
You can also buy tickets by downloading the MITO app foriOS and Android

TORINO - July 22nd, 2015

Se siete in partenza per le vacanze, non dimenticate che la biglietteria online del festival è sempre aperta e potete acquistare i biglietti per i vostri concerti preferiti!

Milano e Torino together for the ninth year

September 5 marks the start of one of the most important music festivals in Italy and Europe, with 20 days of music: classical, ancient, contemporary, jazz, traditional and experimental. In 180 concerts at 95 venues, more than 2,600 musicians from 33 countries come together for the annual jamboree that spans two cities.

MITO SettembreMusica is a unique music festival not only for the breadth of its program, but also for the setting in which the festival takes place. There is no other music festival in the world that’s hosted by two major cities simultaneously. And for nine years running Milano and Torino, with their magnificent concert halls and intimate corners steeped in history, have been home to an annual three-week celebration of music of all genres, a play a key role in the festival’s success year after year.

This year’s edition coincides with an international event that historically has had a strong commitment to music – which has played a key role in all the Universal Expositions since the very first in London in 1851. At Expo 1889 in Paris, celebrating the centennial of the French Revolution, music provided the ideal vehicle for spreading a message of sharing and exchange among the different cultures that colonialism had for the first time brought together in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Expo 2015 involves not only Milano, but Torino as well. The theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” puts music in a perspective that’s rich and complex. The food that nourishes body and soul stimulates a dialogue begun so long ago in the most ancient civilizations, a dialogue rife with symbols in which music is of utmost importance.

The MITO SettembreMusica program is a straightforward focus on genuine quality music. While its mainstay is classical, the scope of this festival is broad-ranging indeed, as it explores a wealth of great music from around the world.


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