What are cookies and how they work
Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you and can then tailor what you see on the screen.
Cookies for stats
We use cookies to track how many users visit the website, what pages and likes are popular and which ones don't get used so much to help us keep the site relevant and up to date. We only use anonymous cookies.
Cookies for logged users
We use cookies to track users' login access to the customized features of the website or to protected areas. We use cookies to match users with their fav events and alerts. This data can ben seen only by the single user and are not part of our analysis and statistics.
Disable cookies

In your browsers' preferences and settings you can find the options for deleting and turning off cookies. Keep in mind browsing on the website will be less smooth and you won't be able to use some features such as myMITO and the press-only area.

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